We are school recruiting counsellors who have worked for international schools in Malaysia. With our knowledge and a vast network accumulated over the years, we provide good insight into different schools, including what to expect and how parents can cooperate with the school to bring out the best in their children. We help families discover their best options, so they can make an informed decision on the school best suited for their children.

  • Customised service that tailor to your family preferences, comparing different schools and find the school that best meet your expectations.
  • Scheduling and arranging schools visits.
  • Personalised guidance by experienced consultants:  Our Consultants will assist students with the entire admission process.
  • Liaising with schools. Assist on administrative work such as filling forms, documents submission, checklist and helping your application went smoothly and avoid any costly mistakes.
  • Accepting offers and assist on enrolment.
  • Students got accepted by school and tuition fee payment .
There are international schools here in Johor Bahru and here are some schools that are worth looking into:
Tuition fee average range between USD4.5k to USD16k per year:
Tuition fee average range between USD16k to USD30k per year: