Studying abroad is no longer limited to colleges and universities. Bringing children to other countries for any level of education is getting more popular these days. Families get to explore new environments, learn about new places and cultures, make friends from different countries, build an international network, and gain a global perspective. While getting their certificates, students participate in a new way of life and enjoy a fruitful experience.

Students benefit by developing valuable skills such as intercultural communication in foreign languages, adaptability, and problem-solving. Ultimately, they open up to more career opportunities. Priceless!”


Why Malaysia ?

Malaysia has More than thirty years of experience in international education. It is a very liveable country. What makes it so fascinating is its diversity, warm climate, great mix of cultures, affordability, and its reputation as a safe and pleasant place for children to spend their school life. Increasingly, families from different countries are flying to Malaysia for their children’s education.

The cost of living in Malaysia is on average 48% lower than in the United States. The standards of living ranges from basic to luxury depending upon one’s budget.

There are many international schools in Malaysia; here we recommend Johor Bahru located right next to Singapore. The population density is much lower than the capital city and places like Singapore and Hong Kong.

In Johor Bahru, international schools with different curricula are readily available for you to choose from. These schools use English as their language of instruction, with Chinese and Malay being the second language.

Best of all, without compromising your children’s education, Malaysia celebrates the most public holidays in Asia. Parents often bring their children on vacation in Malaysia during school holidays. Most international school holidays are different from government schools, which means you can avoid crowds. Malaysia offers many attractive tourist destinations.
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